The Simpsons


The satiric adventures of a working-class family in the misfit city of Springfield.

Dan Castellaneta / Julie Kavner / Nancy Cartwright / Yeardley Smith / Harry Shearer / Hank Azaria / Pamela Hayden / Tress MacNeille / Karl Wiedergott

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    • (1989)
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    SEASON 35

  • Episode 18Bart's Brain

    Bart makes a new friend.

  • Episode 17The Tipping Point

    Homer loses his mind over tipping culture run amok.

  • Episode 16The Tell-Tale Pants

    Marge comes upon a surprising windfall and, angry with Homer, spends it secretly on herself.

  • Episode 15Cremains of the Day

    When someone in Homer's life passes away, he and guys from Moe's go on a road trip to scatter the ashes... but will their friendship die as well?

  • Episode 14Night of the Living Wage

    Marge gets a job in a high-pressure ghost kitchen, but when she tries to start a union, she gets more than she collectively bargained for.

  • Episode 13Clan of the Cave Mom

    A parenting disagreement between Marge and Luann Van Houten escalates into a life-or-death struggle for survival.

  • Episode 12Lisa Gets an F1

    Lisa feels a need for speed as well a need for control of her anxiety when she becomes a pro kid go-cart racer.

  • Episode 11Frinkenstein's Monster

    Professor Frink believes he's created a monster when he helps Homer land a high-level position at a state-of-the-art nuclear plant in Shelbyville.

  • Episode 10Do The Wrong Thing

    Homer and Bart become kings of the blue-collar sports circuit, but Marge suspects something dishonest at the core of their father-son bond.

  • Episode 9Murder, She Boat

    Lisa must solve a closed-boat mystery when Comic Book Guy's million-dollar action figure is "murdered" on a pop culture cruise.

  • Episode 8Ae Bonny Romance

    When Groundskeeper Willie is kidnapped to Scotland, Bart and the Simpsons follow - only to discover that what awaits is Homer's worst nightmare.

  • Episode 7It's a Blunderful Life

    Lisa recounts the story of how Homer was scapegoated for a power outage that plunged Springfield into darkness days before Thanksgiving.

  • Episode 6Iron Marge

    When Marge's heart is broken by a bad birthday present, Bart and Lisa must dig into their mom's past to show that they really know her. Homer becomes a neighborhood fear-monger.

  • Episode 5Treehouse of Horror XXXIV

    Bart is turned into an NFT and Marge must fight through the Blockchain to rescue him; Lisa turns to a murderer from her past; an outbreak transforms Springfielders into a plague of lazy, beer-loving oafs.

  • Episode 4Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story

    In a parody documentary, a young college-dropout CEO embraces the Silicon Valley "fake it until you make it" philosophy and bewitches Mr. Burns into funding her highly dubious dream project.

  • Episode 3McMansion & Wife

    When a new neighbor showers him with kindness, Homer thinks he's being tricked into buying a sports car at the dealership where the neighbor works, but the truth turns out to be even more sinister; Lisa neutralizes Nelson after he goes on a bullying spree

  • Episode 2A Mid-Childhood Night's Dream

    Marge feels an overwhelming dread of the empty nest.

  • Episode 1Homer's Crossing

    Feeling worthless at work, Homer volunteers to be a school crossing guard. But when his safety squad receives too much funding, the crossing guards become a force to be feared.

    SEASON 34

  • Episode 22Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass

    Time stands still after Homer crashes his car and flies through the windshield. As his life flashes before his eyes, a magical friend helps Homer learn the secret truth about his marriage.

  • Episode 21Clown V. Board of Education

    Krusty opens a school for clowning, and it becomes the most successful thing he's ever done.

  • Episode 20The Very Hungry Caterpillars

    When a plague of insects shuts down Springfield, the Simpsons face their greatest challenge yet.. spending time in lockdown with each other.

  • Episode 19Write Off This Episode

     When Marge and Lisa start a charity together, Marge is seduced by the money and prestige of Big Charity fundraising

  • Episode 18Fan-ily Feud

    Homer publicly disparages a pop singer and faces the ire of her vindictive and highly organized fan army.

  • Episode 17Pin Gal

    A mysterious figure from Marge's past returns to coach her for a bowling tournament.

  • Episode 16Hostile Kirk Place

    By fanning the flames of hate and division instead of embracing historical fact, nobody Kirk Van Houten rises from obscurity to become arbiter of Springfield Elementary's curriculum--leading to a fascist, dystopian future where Kirk is Springfield's dicta

  • Episode 15Bartless

    When Bart's latest prank leads to chaos at Springfield Elementary, Marge and Homer dream of a world in which their rambunctious son was never a Simpson.

  • Episode 14Carl Carlson Rides Again

    When Carl is smitten by a beautiful black woman, he looks into the roots of his own identity by discovering the origins of a mysterious rodeo buckle.

  • Episode 13The Many Saints of Springfield

    Flanders goes to work for Fat Tony.

  • Episode 12My Life as a Vlog

    Through a series of YouTube recommended videos, the story of the rise and fall of The Simpson Family Vlog is revealed.

  • Episode 11Top Goon

    When Coach Moe recruits the world's greatest brawlers to teach Nelson the art of hockey goonery, Simpsons fans are enraged by a second hockey episode in 35 years.

  • Episode 10Game Done Changed

    When Bart discovers a profitable glitch in an online game, he ropes Principal Skinner into his lucrative criminal enterprise. Meanwhile Marge and Maggie discover paradise.

  • Episode 9When Nelson Met Lisa

    A future tale of the will-they-won't-they-I-guess-they-won't-maybe-they-will of Springfield's most unlikely couple.

  • Episode 8Step Brother from the Same Planet

    Homer has a rival in Grampa's love in a "Step Brothers" scenario.

  • Episode 7From Beer to Paternity

    Homer teaches Duffman on how to be a better father.

  • Episode 6Treehouse of Horror XXXIII

    In a book-themed trilogy, Marge's resentment takes monstrous form, Lisa tries to save the planet through murder and Homer learns he's not the man he thought he was.

  • Episode 5Not It

    In this "Treehouse of Horror" Halloween episode.. Homer and his teenaged friends are pursued by a killer clown in a spoof of Stephen King's novel "It".

  • Episode 4The King of Nice

    Marge is hired as a segment producer on Krusty's new daytime talk show. But her initial excitement about the job fades when she discovers what an endless nightmare it is.

  • Episode 3Lisa the Boy Scout

    When the Boy Explorers become co-ed, Bart and Lisa vow to "out scout" each other at the annual jamboree.

  • Episode 2One Angry Lisa

    Lisa gets called for jury duty while Marge becomes obsessed with her exercise bike.

  • Episode 1Habeas Tortoise

    After Homer humiliates himself in a town meeting, he looks for acceptance in an internet group hunting for a missing tortoise but finds something much more sinister.

    SEASON 32

  • Episode 22The Last Barfighter

    After Moe breaks their most sacred rule, a secret society of bartenders seeks ultimate vengeance on Homer and his friends.

  • Episode 21The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A.

    A British secret agent comes to Springfield in search of a Russian spy.

  • Episode 20Mother and Child Reunion

    Lisa makes a shocking college decision, wounding Marge. It leads to a very surprising place.

  • Episode 19Panic On The Streets Of Springfield

    Lisa gets an imaginary friend who makes her feel much better about her friends. Meanwhile, Homer gets a vehicle with awesome torque.

  • Episode 18Burger Kings

    Mr. Burns gets into the plant-based burger business. Lisa refuses to believe he's up to no good.

  • Episode 17Uncut Femmes

    We learn that Chief Wiggum's wife is more than she seems. Meanwhile, Marge takes part in a jewel heist.

  • Episode 16Manger Things

    A secret from Flanders' past is revealed; a never-before-seen room in the Simpson home.

  • Episode 15Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?

    Homer tries to reunite a mechanical band from his youth, but film and TV creator J.J. Abrams gets ahold of them first.

  • Episode 14Yokel Hero

    Cletus becomes a singing sensation, while Homer becomes a new man. Then, Cletus turns on his fans, ruining everything.

  • Episode 13Wad Goals

    Bart becomes a successful caddy, but Marge worries it is ruining his character.

  • Episode 12Diary Queen

    Bart finds his old teacher's diary and learns a surprising secret. Then, Lisa discovers an even bigger surprise.

  • Episode 11The Dad-Feelings Limited

    Comic Book Guy and his wife Kumiko debate having a baby and we learn his awesome origin story.

  • Episode 10A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas

    A cable channel films a Christmas movie in Springfield and Skinner falls in love.

  • Episode 9Sorry Not Sorry

    Lisa calls her teacher, Ms. Hoover, a hack and refuses to apologize. Then, she learns Ms. Hoover's private pain.

  • Episode 8The Road To Cincinnati

    Odd couple Skinner and Chalmers embark on an 800-mile car ride to Cincinnati to attend an administrator's convention - but can they reach their destination without killing each other first -.

  • Episode 7Three Dreams Denied

    Bart becomes a voiceover actor and Comic Book Guy is humiliated at Comic-Con. Meanwhile, Lisa is set up for a fall.

  • Episode 6Podcast News

    <i>Grampa is accused of a crime. Meanwhile, Kent Brockman questions his career.</i>

  • Episode 5The 7 Beer Itch

    When Marge and the kids take a seaside vacation, Homer is unwittingly tempted by a British femme fatale.

  • Episode 4Treehouse of Horror XXXI

    Don't miss the annual terror-themed trilogy, including a frightening look at the 2020 election, parodies of Pixar and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and a ninth birthday Lisa just can't get over.

  • Episode 3Now Museum, Now You Don't

    Lisa stays home from school to explore the wonders of Western art. She appears as Lisanardo, while Bart takes the shape of a French impressionist, Homer and Marge as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and Maggie as a warrior Cupid.

  • Episode 2I, Carumbus

    At a museum exhibit of Ancient Rome, Marge and Homer get into an argument about Homer's lack of ambition. They then imagine a Roman version of what would happen if Homer was more career-driven.

  • Episode 1Undercover Burns

    Mr. Burns goes undercover as "Fred" at the nuclear power plant and becomes friends with Homer and the gang. Burns implements all sorts of amenities to improve his employees' lives, but a jealous Smithers plots to bring the old, bitter Burns back and destr

    SEASON 31

  • Episode 22The Way of the Dog

    After the Simpsons' dog bites Marge, the family explores the tragic past of Santa's Little Helper.

  • Episode 21The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds

    Lisa makes a new friend who loves horses, but then becomes part of a circle of snooty young rich girls. Meanwhile, Homer takes Marge on a romantic cruise.

  • Episode 20Warrin' Priests Part 2

    In Michigan, Reverend Lovejoy uncovers the reason why Bode left and came to Springfield. When the congregation learns of his crime, they must decide whether to banish their new priest.

  • Episode 19Warrin' Priests

    When Bode, a young charismatic new preacher, comes to town and shakes things up at church, Reverend Lovejoy investigates his mysterious past.

  • Episode 18The Incredible Lightness Of Being A Baby

    Cletus becomes a helium tycoon. Meanwhile, Marge reunites with baby Hudson from Playdate with Destiny.

  • Episode 17Highway to Well

    When Maggie goes to pre-school, Marge decides to get a job to pass the time and ends up working at an upscale weed dispensary. Then, Homer decides to open his own dispensary that mimics a sketchy drug deal, putting their two businesses at odds.

  • Episode 16Better Off Ned

    Bart bonds with Ned Flanders, which leaves Homer jealous, so he retaliates by mentoring Nelson Muntz. Then, a heroic act by Homer makes Bart look up to him again.

  • Episode 15Screenless

    Marge implements a screen time limit for the whole family, all of whom all easily adjust to the new lifestyle. However, Marge realizes that she is the one addicted - not her husband and children -.

  • Episode 14Bart the Bad Guy

    Bart accidentally sees a brand-new superhero movie a month before it comes out.. and the world cowers before his newfound plot-spoiling powers. Thus, a new super-villain is born: Spoiler Boy! Can heroic movie executives stop Bart before he succumbs to the

  • Episode 13Frinkcoin

    Homer and Marge compete to be the topic of Lisa's "Most Interesting Person I Know" essay. Lisa instead chooses Professor Frink. While Lisa works on the essay, Frink develops a cryptocurrency, overtaking Mr. Burn's title of richest man in Springfield. With

  • Episode 12The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson

    The sea captain finds a treasure he's been searching for all his life, but it's taken from him by the townspeople. Marge convinces the people of Springfield to build a S.T.E.M. school with the money.

  • Episode 11Hail To The Teeth

    Homer and Marge attend Artie Ziff's wedding and become quite uncomfortable when they realize that his bride-to-be is a clone of Marge. Meanwhile, Lisa grapples with the misogynistic implications of the immediate popularity she receives after getting her n

  • Episode 10Bobby, It's Cold Outside

    Sideshow Bob gets contracted as this year's mall Santa. Meanwhile, someone is stealing all the Christmas packages off people's front porches.

  • Episode 9Todd, Todd, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

    In this Flanders family-focused episode, Todd blames God for the death of his mother and rejects his faith – causing great distress for Ned, who sends him to live with the Simpsons in an attempt to scare him back into God's arms.

  • Episode 8Thanksgiving of Horror

    In a special Thanksgiving edition of "Treehouse of Horror," the Simpsons are forced to face various Thanksgiving nightmares, including the first Thanksgiving, an A.I. mishap and a dangerous space mission complicated by a sentient cranberry sauce.

  • Episode 7Livin La Pura Vida

    The Simpsons join other Springfield families on the Van Houten's annual trip to Costa Rica, which they obviously can't afford. While there, Homer befriends Patty's new girlfriend, Evelyn, and Lisa tracks down the real reason the Van Houtens can go on this

  • Episode 6Marge The Lumberjill

    When Marge realizes that everyone views her as boring, she takes up competitive lumber-jacking as a hobby (and has a real gift for it). The circuit of competitive timbersports takes her on a month-long retreat to Portland with her trainer, Paula, whom Hom

  • Episode 5Gorillas on the Mast

    After a trip to Aquatraz Water Park, Lisa becomes determined to set free Springfield's most vicious animals in captivity. Meanwhile, Homer fulfills a lifelong dream of buying a boat, and quickly realizes boat ownership sucks.

  • Episode 4Treehouse of Horror XXX

    The 30th Treehouse of Horror features a demon Maggie, a mission to rescue Milhouse from another dimension, dead-Homer's spirit trying on some new bodies for size and Selma finally finding love in an unlikely place – the alien in the basement.

  • Episode 3The Fat Blue Line

    During the San Castellanta street festival, much of the town realizes their wallets have been pickpocketed. After the state investigator puts the wrong man in jail, Chief Wiggum sets out to clear his name, catch the real criminal and show he's still up fo

  • Episode 2Go Big or Go Homer

    Homer is demoted to supervising interns, among whom is go-getter millennial Mike, a 35-year-old who asks Homer to be his mentor. However, when Homer inspires Mike to start a business of his own, the two find themselves being chased by the mob.

  • Episode 1The Winter of Our Monetized Content

    When a video goes viral of Bart and Homer fighting goes viral, they begin a journey as social media celebrities. Meanwhile, Lisa battles the school's new industrialized detention system.

    SEASON 30

  • Episode 23Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion

    After Homer's work cuts children's healthcare benefits, Marge turns to buying healing crystals as a cheaper solution for Bart's ADD. Bart begins to succeed in school, prompting Marge to open her very own crystals empire and sell to the naive mothers at sc

  • Episode 22Woo-Hoo Dunnit

    When the secret stack of cash – aka Lisa's college fund – Marge keeps under the sink goes missing, the documentary crime series "Deadline Springfield" goes in-depth to solve the case, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Episode 21D'oh Canada

    On a family vacation to Niagara Falls, Lisa is mistakenly granted political asylum in Canada. When Marge goes to rescue Lisa, they are forced to re-evaluate their love for America as they navigate the polite Canadian landscape. Meanwhile, Homer takes Magg

  • Episode 20I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh

    Marge becomes Director of Springfield's local theater, armed with Lisa's script resembling "Hamilton." Meanwhile, Homer joins a baby class with Maggie, where he takes a liking to supervisor Chloe

  • Episode 19Girl's in the Band

    Lisa is scouted by the director of the Capitol City Philharmonic, to her band teacher's dismay. Homer works extra shifts at the plant so Lisa can play, putting strain on the family.

  • Episode 18Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy

    Krusty releases an all-female reboot of "Itchy and Scratchy," so Bart and his crew of all-male friends decide to boycott the show. After Bart's friends turn on him for laughing at the reboot, Bart joins a woke group of sixth-grade girls who commit crimes

  • Episode 17E My Sports

    As Bart begins to excel in video game competitions, Homer discovers a passion for coaching him. Lisa attempts to bring Homer back to reality, but the plan causes chaos.

  • Episode 16I Want You (She's So Heavy)

    When a romantic night ends in injury, Marge recovers by taking up kiteboarding while Homer bonds with his hallucinated hernia. Lisa attempts to fix her parents' strained relationship by seeking advice from an unlikely source.

  • Episode 15101 Mitigations

    After Homer steals Comic Book Guy's car, he must either prove his innocence in court or reconcile with the jilted nerd.

  • Episode 14The Clown Stays in the Picture

    Krusty reveals the untold story of his past in his movie "The Sands of Space." While working as personal assistants on the movie, Bart and Lisa learn about the early years of their parents' relationship.

  • Episode 13I'm Dancing as Fat as I Can

    Homer angers Marge by binging their favorite show without her, and has to pick up a new skill in order to make amends. Meanwhile, Bart prepares to compete in "Krusty's Holiday Trample".

  • Episode 12The Girl on the Bus

    When Lisa spots a new best friend from the window of the bus, she gets a taste of what life could be like with a different, more cultured family, and proceeds to try and live a double life.

  • Episode 11Mad About the Toy

    When Marge and Homer leave Grampa to babysit the kids, some little green army men trigger a PTSD episode, sending the family on a journey to Grampa's past to when he was a post-war toy model.

  • Episode 10'Tis the 30th Season

    After a failed Black Friday shopping spree, Marge is determined to fix Christmas. However, Homer and the kids surprise Marge with a vacation to a Florida resort.

  • Episode 9Daddicus Finch

    Lisa and Homer's bond gets stronger when they start spending real quality time together, and Bart feels neglected. So Marge tries to help Homer balance his attention between the kids.

  • Episode 8Krusty the Clown

    Homer finds his calling as a TV recapper, but his harsh grading causes a brawl with Krusty. After almost killing Homer, Krusty hides out at a real circus, and finds happiness there.

  • Episode 7Werking Mom

    Marge wants a job, and stumbles into becoming a plastic food storage container-selling drag queen. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to make the world better in the style of "Amelie"

  • Episode 6From Russia Without Love

    On a mission to play hardcore pranks, Bart, Nelson and Milhouse get Moe a mail-order bride on the Dark Web.

  • Episode 5Baby You Can't Drive My Car

    A self-driving car company comes to Springfield, poaching all of the power plant employees with its fun work environment.

  • Episode 4Treehouse of Horror XXIX

    Homer wins an oyster-eating contest against the mythical Cthulhu, Springfield is overrun by plant body-snatchers, Lisa finally snaps and Mr. Burns opens a retirement home with some Jurassic upgrades.

  • Episode 3My Way or the Highway to Heaven

    God and St. Peter contemplate what merits a soul getting into heaven, while citizens of Springfield remember their divine encounters.

  • Episode 2Heartbreak Hotel

    Marge and Homer's marriage is tested when they travel to a tropical island to compete for a million dollars on Marge's favorite reality competition show.

  • Episode 1Bart's Not Dead

    Bart takes a dare, and ends up in the hospital. To cover for himself and Homer, he says he went to Heaven and met Jesus. Christian producers offer the Simpsons a movie deal, which Homer takes. But Bart can't deal with the guilt and comes clean to Marge af

    SEASON 28

  • Episode 21Dogtown

    The dogs of Springfield assert their dominance.

  • Episode 20Moho House

    Moe helps Homer and Marge work on their marriage.

  • Episode 18Caper Chase

    Mr. Burns starts his own for-profit university and hires Homer as a professor.

  • Episode 17A Father's Watch

    As Homer and Marge try a different parenting style on Bart, Grampa gives him a special watch.

  • Episode 1622 for 30

    Bart becomes a star basketball player at Springfield Elementary.

  • Episode 14The Cad and the Hat

    Bart deals with his guilt of betraying Lisa; Homer is revealed to be a master chess player.

  • Episode 12The Great Phatsby

    Mr. Burns plots revenge against the music mogul who conned him with help from the mogul's ex-wife, rapper Jazzy James, Homer and Bart.

  • Episode 11Pork and Burns

    A Japanese book on minimalism inspires Marge to adapt to a new way of living, so the Simpsons have to part with items that no longer bring them joy, which includes Homer finding a new home for the family pig.

  • Episode 10The Nightmare After Krustmas

    Krusty and his daughter spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Meanwhile, Reverend Lovejoy seeks converts to boost attendance at church and a Christmas toy scares Maggie.

  • Episode 9The Last Traction Hero

    Homer is placed in a cast following a workplace accident, leading Marge to receive romance from an unexpected source. In the meantime, Lisa attempts to keep the peace as &quot;bus monitor&quot;.

  • Episode 8Dad Behavior

    Homer discovers an app that makes his life easier, while Grampa learns that he'll be a father again.

  • Episode 7Havana Wild Weekend

    The Simpsons go to Cuba to get Grampa cheap medical care when the Retirement Castle and V.A. hospital are unable to solve his health problems.

  • Episode 6There Will Be Buds

    Homer coaches the kids' lacrosse team with Kirk Van Houten, who becomes so needy that Homer rants about him being such a loser. Kirk then disappears just as the team needs him for the championship game.

  • Episode 5Trust But Clarify

    Bart and Lisa investigate Krusty's new candy, while Marge helps Homer dress for a promotion at the nuclear plant and Kent Brockman struggles with the changing media world.

  • Episode 4Treehouse of Horror XXVII

  • Episode 3The Town

    Homer takes the family on a &quot;hate-cation&quot; to Boston after he catches Bart rooting for a rival football team.

  • Episode 2Friends and Family

    Homer finds a new friend in a woman who acts just like him when Mr. Burns hires the other Simpsons as his live-in virtual reality family.

  • Episode 1Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus

    Mr. Burns puts on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.

    SEASON 9

  • Episode 25Natural Born Kissers

    Homer and Marge's attempt to spice up their marriage leads to the couple being chased naked through Springfield.

  • Episode 24Lost Our Lisa

    Lisa gets lost after she tries to take a bus to a museum.

  • Episode 23King of the Hill

    After humiliating Bart at a church picnic, Homer resolves to get in shape. Soon, he is contacted by an energy bar company that wants him to climb a mountain as a promotion.

  • Episode 22Trash of the Titans

    After a feud with the Springfield garbage collectors, Homer decides to run for sanitation commissioner.

  • Episode 21Girly Edition

    Bart and Lisa become locked in competition when they anchor a children's news program. Meanwhile, Homer adopts a helper monkey.

  • Episode 20The Trouble with Trillions

    Homer is forced to spy for the IRS after an audit. But when he is asked to retrieve a trillion dollar bill from Mr. Burns, he switches sides and the two flee to Cuba for refuge.

  • Episode 19Simpson Tide

    Homer causes an international incident after he joins the Naval reserves.

  • Episode 18This Little Wiggy

    Bart is reluctant to hang out with Ralph Wiggum, until he gains access to Chief Wiggum's master key to the city.

  • Episode 17Lisa the Simpson

    Lisa fears she is losing her intelligence when she learns about the fabled Simpson gene. Meanwhile, Jasper freezes himself in the Kwik-E-Mart freezer.

  • Episode 16Dumbbell Indemnity

    Homer and Moe attempt insurance fraud so that Moe can support his new girlfriend. When Homer ends up in jail, Moe has to decide whether or not to come forward.

  • Episode 15The Last Temptation of Krust

    After a disastrous performance, Krusty changes his image and becomes an edgy stand-up.

  • Episode 14Das Bus

    While the kids become stranded on a desert island, Homer attempts to cash in on the Internet.

  • Episode 13The Joy of Sect

    An evil cult called the Movementarians brainwashes the citizens of Springfield and it's up to Marge to get them back.

  • Episode 12Bart Carny

    Bart and Homer befriend two carnies and invite them to stay with them, but the carnies soon swindle the Simpsons out of their house.

  • Episode 11All Singing, All Dancing

    Homer is disappointed when the western he rented turns out to be a musical, so the family reminds him of the musical moments in the show's history.

  • Episode 10Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

    On Christmas Eve, Marge admonishes the family not to open presents until 7 a.m. the next morning. Bart finds a way around the directive and opens his gifts at 5 a.m. However, his prized gift - a remote-controlled fire truck - overheats and causes a fire t

  • Episode 9Realty Bites

    Marge becomes a real-estate agent.

  • Episode 8Lisa the Skeptic

    Another day at Springfield Elementary School, another field trip - this time to an archaeological dig. During the dig, Lisa unearths what appears to be a fossilized human skeleton with wings.

  • Episode 7The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

    Marge must pose as Apu's wife to prevent his upcoming arranged marriage.

  • Episode 6Bart Star

    A damning report on childhood obesity in Springfield leads to the formation of a pee-wee football team. After belittling Ned Flanders, Homer ends up coaching the team, but his favoring of Bart makes him unpopular.

  • Episode 5The Cartridge Family

    After a massive soccer riot, Homer decides to invest in a home security system but can't afford the high price. He does the next best thing: He purchases a gun. This is despite Marge's stern opposition to having a gun. Homer plays with the gun like a toy

  • Episode 4Treehouse of Horror VIII

    In "The Homega Man," Homer battles mutants after Springfield is annihilated by a neutron bomb. Then, Bart has his DNA mixed with a fly in "Fly vs. Fly." Finally, Marge is revealed to be a witch in colonial Springfield in "Easy Bake Coven."

  • Episode 3Lisa's Sax

    Homer recounts the story of Bart's first day of school, which corresponds with the story of how Lisa got her saxophone.

  • Episode 2The Principal and the Pauper

    After holding a surprise tribute to Principal Skinner, the town of Springfield is shocked to find out that Seymour Skinner is actually an impostor.

  • Episode 1The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

    Homer must travel to New York to get his car back, which is illegally parked at World Trade Center Plaza.

    SEASON 7

  • Episode 25Summer of 4 Ft. 2

    After realizing how unpopular she is at school, a disillusioned Lisa sees the vacation to Ned Flanders' beach house that the family has planned as an opportunity to reinvent herself and make some friends.

  • Episode 24Homerpalooza

    Determined to prove he is still cool, Homer takes Bart and Lisa to the Hullabalooza music festival, where he finds he has a talent for being shot in the stomach, and joins the festival's freak show.

  • Episode 23Much Apu About Nothing

    Anti-immigration fever sweeps Springfield, which threatens to lead to the deportation of Apu, until Homer decides to reject the mob mentality and help him become a legal citizen.

  • Episode 22Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish'

    Another member of Grampa Simpson's WWII platoon dies, leaving only him and Mr. Burns. Years earlier, the men stole a number of priceless masterpieces from Nazi Germany, and now Mr. Burns aims to ensure he is the one to inherit them.

  • Episode 2122 Short Films About Springfield

    A series of vignettes highlights a day in the life of various Springfield residents.

  • Episode 20Bart on the Road

    Unable to get out of a mis-scheduled spring vacation, Principal Skinner makes up the holiday "Go to Work with Your Parents Day," giving Lisa the chance to spend time with Homer, and Bart ...

  • Episode 19A Fish Called Selma

    Washed-up movie star Troy McClure starts dating Selma in an attempt to silence bizarre rumors about his personal life and resuscitate his career.

  • Episode 18The Day the Violence Died

    Bart and Lisa meet a homeless person who claims to have created Itchy, one half of the cat and mouse team of their favorite cartoon series, "Itchy & Scratchy."

  • Episode 17Homer the Smithers

    When Smithers is forced to take a vacation, he appoints Homer as his temporary replacement.

  • Episode 16Lisa the Iconoclast

    Lisa discovers that her town's beloved founder Jebediah Springfield was in fact a vicious pirate.

  • Episode 15Bart the Fink

    Bart gets a check he wanted signed by Krusty back stamped. As Krusty was supposed to autograph it, Bart wants it taken back to sign, but inadvertently reveals Krusty as a tax fraud. ...

  • Episode 14Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

    After buying a Chanel suit at a bargain price, Marge finds herself invited to a country club by a former schoolmate. Taken in by the opulence of the place, she is soon overcome by a desperation to fit in.

  • Episode 13Two Bad Neighbors

    Former President George Bush and his wife, Barbara, move into the Simpsons' neighborhood and soon clash with Bart and Homer.

  • Episode 12Team Homer

    Homer starts a bowling team with Moe, Apu and Otto, but when Mr. Burns discovers the team was funded with his money, he insists on joining. Meanwhile, Springfield Elementary introduces uniforms.

  • Episode 11Marge Be Not Proud

    Marge's relationship with Bart is strained when he is caught shoplifting before Christmas.

  • Episode 10138th Episode Spectacular

    Troy McClure hosts a retrospective of the first 137 episodes of The Simpsons.

  • Episode 9Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming

    Sideshow Bob again escapes from prison and takes control of a TV screen at an air show, demanding all television stations immediately go off the air.

  • Episode 8Mother Simpson

    After faking his own death, Homer meets a woman in the cemetery who turns out to be his mother. While he is shocked by her reappearance as he was always told she was dead, she harbors a deep secret.

  • Episode 7King Size Homer

    Determined to avoid a work exercise program, Homer intentionally gains weight in order to qualify for disability and work from home. However, he soon realizes that being morbidly obese comes with its own problems.

  • Episode 6Treehouse of Horror VI

    A freak lightning storm causes giant advertising mascots to come to life, Groundskeeper Willie dies and swears revenge on the kids in their dreams, and Homer accidentally finds himself trapped in another dimension.

  • Episode 5Lisa the Vegetarian

    A trip to a local petting zoo convinces Lisa to give up meat, despite excessive pressure to convince her not to do so.

  • Episode 4Bart Sells His Soul

    When Rev. Lovejoy disciplines Bart for a prank he pulled in church - he tricked the organist into playing Iron Butterfly's ""In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" - he and co-conspirator Milhouse begin arguing over whether man really has a soul. Bart scoffs at the notion a

  • Episode 3Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily

    Marge and Homer lose custody of the kids, who are sent to live at the Flanders' house.

  • Episode 2Radioactive Man

    Milhouse is cast as Radioactive Man's sidekick in a Hollywood production of the comic book.

  • Episode 1Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 2

    As Mr. Burns lies in intensive care, Chief Wiggum - with some help from Lisa - tries to find out who shot him.

    SEASON 6

  • Episode 25Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 1

    After Mr. Burns steals oil from Springfield Elementary, an unknown person, seemingly in retaliation, shoots him.

  • Episode 24Lemon of Troy

    When a group of Shelbyville kids steal Springfield's sacred lemon tree, Bart and his friends venture there to get the tree back.

  • Episode 23The Springfield Connection

    Marge deals with corruption and crime when she joins the Springfield police force.

  • Episode 22'Round Springfield

    When Bart is hospitalized, Lisa runs into her hero, Bleeding Gums Murphy, who is also a patient. However, when he dies soon after, she is devastated.

  • Episode 21The PTA Disbands

    Marge fills in for Mrs. Krabappel during a teachers' strike.

  • Episode 20Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

    Santa's Little Helper's new mate has puppies, and Mr. Burns schemes to steal them and make them into a coat.

  • Episode 19Lisa's Wedding

    A fortune teller gives Lisa a look at her wedding in the year 2010.

  • Episode 18A Star Is Burns

    Mr. Burns hosts a film festival in Springfield to improve his image. Film critic Jay Sherman, of "The Critic" is invited, and stays with the Simpsons.

  • Episode 17Homer vs. Patty and Selma

    Desperate for money, Homer takes a loan from Patty and Selma. Meanwhile, Bart discovers a natural talent for ballet.

  • Episode 16Bart vs. Australia

    After he makes a collect call to Australia and refuses to pay for it, Bart sparks an international incident, with the Simpsons forced to travel to the country in order to repair political relations.

  • Episode 15Homie the Clown

    Homer becomes a Krusty the Clown stand-in, but is mistaken for the real Krusty by the Springfield mafia.

  • Episode 14Bart's Comet

    Bart discovers a comet that is on a collision course with Springfield.

  • Episode 13And Maggie Makes Three

    Homer recounts the story of Maggie's birth when the kids ask why there are no photos of her in the family album.

  • Episode 12Homer the Great

    Homer becomes a member of a mysterious organization called the Stonecutters and is heralded as "the chosen one".

  • Episode 11Fear of Flying

    Marge goes into therapy to cure her of her traumatizing fear of flying.

  • Episode 10Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy

    Homer and Abe hit the road to sell Abe's miraculous aphrodisiac.

  • Episode 9Homer Badman

    After a series of misunderstandings, Homer is labeled a pervert. He soon finds himself ostracized by everyone in town, and must try to clear his name.

  • Episode 8Lisa on Ice

    Homer gives all his attention to Bart because he is the star of his hockey team, which makes Lisa jealous. But when a rival team discovers that she is an excellent goalie, Bart suddenly has a rival for Homer's attention.

  • Episode 7Bart's Girlfriend

    Bart falls for Reverend Lovejoy's daughter and is surprised when she becomes a bad influence on him.

  • Episode 6Treehouse of Horror V

    The family's job at Mr. Burns' country estate goes awry when Homer goes mad. Meanwhile, Homer's attempt to repair a toaster results in inadvertent time travel, and Bart and Lisa face ...

  • Episode 5Sideshow Bob Roberts

    Sideshow Bob is released from prison and runs for Mayor of Springfield. When he wins the election, Bart and Lisa suspect foul play and are determined to expose Bob's corruption.

  • Episode 4Itchy & Scratchy Land

    A family vacation to Itchy & Scratchy Land turns disastrous when the robots malfunction and turn on the tourists.

  • Episode 3Another Simpsons Clip Show

    The family recalls past tales of lost love.

  • Episode 2Lisa's Rival

    Lisa is jealous when a new girl in class is smarter than she is. Meanwhile, Homer obtains a massive amount of sugar.

  • Episode 1Bart of Darkness

    After he breaks his leg and becomes confined to his room, Bart begins spying on the residents of Springfield with a telescope. He soon suspects that Ned Flanders has murdered his wife, and asks Lisa to help prove it.

    SEASON 5

  • Episode 22Secrets of a Successful Marriage

    Homer begins teaching a class on how to have a successful marriage, but jeopardizes his own marriage by revealing secrets about himself and Marge.

  • Episode 21Lady Bouvier's Lover

    Grampa falls in love with Marge's mother, but must compete with Mr. Burns for her heart.

  • Episode 20The Boy Who Knew Too Much

    After playing truant from school, Bart witnesses the alleged assault of a waiter by Mayor Quimby's nephew, Freddy. However, if he comes forward, he will have to admit he skipped class, and face the consequences.

  • Episode 19Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song

    Bart takes Santa's little helper to school with him on inspection day and gets Skinner fired, Bart is pleased until Ned Flanders is made his replacement. Bart sets out to find Skinner and get him reinstated.

  • Episode 18Burns' Heir

    After a near-death experience, Mr. Burns realizes he has no legal heir and holds auditions to find one. Bart is eventually chosen, and Mr. Burns plots to turn him against the rest of the Simpson family.

  • Episode 17Bart Gets an Elephant

    Bart wins an elephant in a radio contest.

  • Episode 16Homer Loves Flanders

    After Ned Flanders invites Homer to a major football game, the pair become friends. However, Homer's possessiveness and loutish behaviour slowly turns Ned against him.

  • Episode 15Deep Space Homer

    In an effort to increase the dismal television ratings for their space launches, NASA decides to send an ordinary man into space, and Homer is chosen for the task.

  • Episode 14Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

    Lisa leads a protest against a talking doll which she believes is sexist.

  • Episode 13Homer and Apu

    When Homer becomes ill after eating contaminated food bought at the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu is fired from his job.

  • Episode 12Bart Gets Famous

    Bart becomes an overnight sensation as the "I didn't do it" boy on Krusty the Clown's show.

  • Episode 11Homer the Vigilante

    An outbreak of burglaries inspires Homer to lead a vigilante group.

  • Episode 10$pringfield

    In order to revitalize its economy, Springfield decides to legalize gambling. As a consequence, Marge becomes addicted to using slot machines, while Mr. Burns develops a Howard Hughes complex.

  • Episode 9The Last Temptation of Homer

    Homer's marriage is in trouble when he develops an attraction to a new co-worker.

  • Episode 8Boy Scoutz 'n the Hood

    After joining the Junior Campers while on a sugar high, Bart reluctantly invites Homer to accompany him on the group's annual father-son rafting trip, which soon goes awry.

  • Episode 7Bart's Inner Child

    Brad Goodman, a self-help guru, comes to Springfield and identifies Bart as a role model for personal happiness because he is in touch with his inner child. Soon, the entire town begins to behave like him.

  • Episode 6Marge on the Lam

    A girls' night out turns into a high speed chase when Marge learns her friend is driving a stolen car.

  • Episode 5Treehouse of Horror IV

    Homer sells his soul to the Devil for a donut, Bart contends with a gremlin on the side of the school bus which only he can see, and the family discovers that Mr. Burns is a vampire.

  • Episode 4Rosebud

    Mr. Burns goes on a desperate quest to recover his cherished childhood toy Bobo, a bear which is now in Maggie's possession.

  • Episode 3Homer Goes to College

    When a surprise inspection of the nuclear power plant reveals that Homer is not qualified to do his job, he is forced to go to college.

  • Episode 2Cape Feare

    After being released from prison on parole, Sideshow Bob plots to murder Bart.

  • Episode 1Homer's Barbershop Quartet

    After the kids find a record with Homer's picture on it, he recalls the story of how he achieved fame in the 1980s with his barbershop quartet, The Be Sharps.

    SEASON 4

  • Episode 22Krusty Gets Kancelled

    A massive advertising blitz announces the arrival of something named "Gabbo". Eventually, Gabbo is revealed to be a Howdy Doody-esque dummy, whose sensational success causes Krusty the Clown's show to be canceled.

  • Episode 21Marge in Chains

    A misunderstanding leads to Marge being imprisoned for shoplifting. In her absence, the family, and eventually, the town itself, descend into chaos.

  • Episode 20Whacking Day

    Marge attempts to home school Bart after he is expelled from Springfield Elementary. Meanwhile, Lisa protests a barbaric local holiday centered around clubbing snakes to death.

  • Episode 19The Front

    Homer goes back to school after it is revealed that he never graduated. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa ghostwrite for Itchy & Scratchy using Abe's name.

  • Episode 18So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show

    Homer plays a series of (childish) practical jokes on Bart. To get even, Bart uses a paint mixer at a local hardware store to shake up a can of Homer's beer. Homer opens the can, resulting in a huge explosion that seriously injures the Simpsons patriarch.

  • Episode 17Last Exit to Springfield

    Homer becomes union leader and leads a company strike when Mr. Burns takes away the company dental plan.

  • Episode 16Duffless

    After Homer is arrested for DUI, and loses his driver's license, he is put to the ultimate test when Marge pressures him to give up beer for a month.

  • Episode 15I Love Lisa

    Feeling sorry for Ralph, Lisa sends him a Valentine card. Having developed a crush on her, Ralph invites Lisa to go see the Krusty the Clown show. She accepts but after Krusty asks them if ...

  • Episode 14Brother from the Same Planet

    After Homer forgets to pick up Bart from soccer practice, Bart joins a mentor program called Big Brothers presenting himself as an orphan, and is assigned a big brother called Tom. When ...

  • Episode 13Selma's Choice

    Selma starts to feel broody, but after taking Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens, she changes her mind.

  • Episode 12Marge vs. the Monorail

    After receiving a considerable donation of money, the people of Springfield decide what to spend it on. Enter Lyle Langley, a jocular salesman who gets Springfield hooked on a monorail ...

  • Episode 11Homer's Triple Bypass

    Years of poor eating habits catch up with Homer when he suffers a massive heart attack. The family can't afford the triple bypass operation he needs from Dr. Hibbert, so they go to a discount quack named Nick Riviera.

  • Episode 10Lisa's First Word

    While trying to coax Maggie into saying her first word, Homer and Marge talk about how Lisa spoke hers.

  • Episode 9Mr. Plow

    Homer buys a truck with an attached snow plow after he destroys his car, and to pay for it, he starts a snow shoveling business, calling himself Mr. Plow. It all goes off without a hitch, ...

  • Episode 8New Kid on the Block

    Bart finds himself attracted to his new 15-year-old neighbor, Laura. Meanwhile, Homer sues an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.

  • Episode 7Marge Gets a Job

    Marge takes a job at the nuclear plant to help pay for the house's foundation repair, and Mr. Burns is smitten by her.

  • Episode 6Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

    Pulling one prank too many costs Bart the opportunity to see the Itchy and Scratchy Movie.

  • Episode 5Treehouse of Horror III

    An evil Krusty the Clown doll makes life hell for the Simpsons, Marge is captured by a giant ape who falls in love with her, and Bart inadvertently raises the dead.

  • Episode 4Lisa the Beauty Queen

    Lisa enters the Little Miss Springfield pageant.

  • Episode 3Homer the Heretic

    After skipping church one week, Homer decides that he is never going back. However, when a calamity occurs, it takes the combined efforts of a number of people from different faiths to save him.

  • Episode 2A Streetcar Named Marge

    Marge wins the lead in a musical production of "A Streetcar Named Desire", in which Ned Flanders plays Stanley Kowalski. Marge is infuriated by Homer's brutishness and insensitivity during ...

  • Episode 1Kamp Krusty

    Bart and Lisa go off for the summer to Krusty's camp for kids, but instead of meeting Krusty they meet his bean-counting surrogate, Mr. Black. With their children gone, Homer and Marge ...

    SEASON 3

  • Episode 24Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

    After Homer "wins" a $2000 settlement with the plant for radiation affecting his sperm count, his brother Herb comes to Springfield with an idea that could help him get his fortune back.

  • Episode 23Bart's Friend Falls in Love

    Milhouse falls in love with Samantha, a new transfer student, and Bart becomes jealous of all the time they are spending together. Meanwhile, Homer orders a subliminal weight loss tape, but is given a vocabulary builder by mistake.

  • Episode 22The Otto Show

    After Otto loses his job as school bus driver because he does not have a license, Bart convinces Homer and Marge to let Otto stay with them until he gets back on his feet.

  • Episode 21Black Widower

    Sideshow Bob gets out of jail and plots to take his revenge on Bart by marrying his Aunt Selma and killing her.

  • Episode 20Colonel Homer

    Homer becomes the manager of a beautiful young country singer and finds himself almost attracted to her, sparking Marge's jealousy.

  • Episode 19Dog of Death

    The Simpsons wind up regretting paying for an expensive surgery for Santa's Little Helper. He then runs away from home, winds up in the animal shelter, and is adopted by Mr. Burns to become an attack dog.

  • Episode 18Separate Vocations

    The results of a standardized test steer Bart in the direction of law and order at Springfield Elementary School. However, Lisa becomes so depressed by her results that she turns to juvenile delinquency.

  • Episode 17Homer at the Bat

    Homer and his co-workers qualify for the plant softball team's league final, but Mr. Burns hires nine professional MLB players in order to win a $1 million bet.

  • Episode 16Bart the Lover

    After Mrs. Krabappel gives Bart a month of detention, he gets his revenge by responding to her newspaper singles ad. Meanwhile, Marge suggests Homer start a swear jar to stop him cursing.

  • Episode 15Homer Alone

    While Marge spends a couple of days at Rancho Relaxo after she has a breakdown, Bart and Lisa stay with Patty and Selma, and Homer stays at home to take care of Maggie.

  • Episode 14Lisa the Greek

    Homer uses Lisa (and her prognostic skills) to help him bet on football games.

  • Episode 13Radio Bart

    After Bart receives a microphone which can transmit through radios, he decides to pull a series of pranks, and eventually convinces the town that a boy has fallen down a well.

  • Episode 12I Married Marge

    As Marge goes to the doctor for a pregnancy test, Homer tells the children of the events leading up to his marriage and Bart's birth.

  • Episode 11Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

    Burns decides to retire and sells the power plant to a German consortium for an exorbitant price. Homer's laziness and inefficiency are quickly exposed by his new bosses, and he is laid off.

  • Episode 10Flaming Moe's

    Moe claims that a drink that Homer invented is his own. After the drink makes the bar a local hot spot, Moe gains a number of fair-weather friends but loses Homer's friendship.

  • Episode 9Saturdays of Thunder

    After Homer fails a fathering test, he decides to help Bart build his Soap Box Derby racer. But Bart dumps Homer and their racer after Martin's far superior vehicle suddenly becomes available.

  • Episode 8Lisa's Pony

    After ruining Lisa's performance at the school talent show, Homer tries to make it up by buying her a pony.

  • Episode 7Treehouse of Horror II

    The Simpson family receives a severed monkey's paw which can grant wishes, Bart gains magical powers which he uses to turn Homer into a Jack-in-the-box, and Mr. Burns uses Homer's brain to create a robot.

  • Episode 6Like Father, Like Clown

    When the Simpsons have Krusty the Clown over for dinner, he says grace in Hebrew, and recalls his difficult relationship with his father, a rabbi. Bart and Lisa try to reunite the two of them.

  • Episode 5Homer Defined

    Homer is a hero after averting a nuclear meltdown that he nearly caused, but he doesn't want to tell anyone that he stopped it completely by accident.

  • Episode 4Bart the Murderer

    Bart stumbles upon the local mafia boss, and starts working for him on the side. When Principal Skinner goes missing after punishing Bart, he and Fat Tony's gang are suspected of killing him, but they try to get Bart to take the rap.

  • Episode 3When Flanders Failed

    Ned Flanders opens a mall store catering to lefties. Homer, however, wishes Flanders would fail.

  • Episode 2Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington

    Lisa enters a contest and wins a trip to Washington D.C. for the whole family. While there, she discovers corruption and decides to expose the corrupt official.

  • Episode 1Stark Raving Dad

    Homer accidentally lands in a mental hospital and ends up sharing a room with a white man who thinks he is

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 22Blood Feud

    Bart saves Mr. Burns's life. But Homer becomes enraged when Mr. Burns doesn't return the favor by sending the Simpsons what he considers to be an appropriate "thank you" gift.

  • Episode 21Three Men and a Comic Book

    Bart, Milhouse and Martin each pitch in to buy an expensive comic book, which soon has a disastrous effect on their friendship.

  • Episode 20The War of the Simpsons

    Homer must decide which is more important: completing counseling to save his marriage or skipping out to catch a legendary catfish. Meanwhile, at home, Bart and Lisa take advantage of Grampa's ignorance of the house rules.

  • Episode 19Lisa's Substitute

    Lisa has a crush on her substitute teacher, who seemingly represents everything that Homer is not. Meanwhile, Bart decides to run for class president, and becomes the overwhelming favorite.

  • Episode 18Brush with Greatness

    After becoming trapped in a water slide, Homer decides to go on a diet, while Marge enrolls in an art class and is soon commissioned to paint a portrait of Mr. Burns.

  • Episode 17Old Money

    After Grampa's new girlfriend dies and leaves him $106,000 in her will, he tries to decide what to do with it.

  • Episode 16Bart's Dog Gets an F

    After an uncontrollable Santa's Little Helper destroys several important Simpson possessions, Homer announces that he will be thrown out of the house unless he completes obedience training.

  • Episode 15Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

    After Grampa is hospitalized, he reveals that Homer has a half-brother, and the family soon discovers the brother, named Herb, owns a car company. However Herb's hiring of Homer to design a new car may be his undoing.

  • Episode 14Principal Charming

    After attending a co-worker's wedding, Selma begins to fear she will die alone. However, when Homer tries to set her up with Principal Skinner, he falls for Patty instead.

  • Episode 13Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment

    Homer gets a crooked cable guy to install free cable in the Simpson home, and as a result, Lisa faces an ethical crisis over her family's stealing.

  • Episode 12The Way We Was

    Homer and Marge tell the story of how they met and fell in love in high school.

  • Episode 11One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

    After apparently consuming poison blowfish, Homer is told that he only has 24 hours to live.

  • Episode 10Bart Gets Hit by a Car

    While skateboarding down the street, Bart is hit by a car driven by Mr. Burns. Homer turns down Mr. Burns' token offer of $100, and instead hires ambulance-chaser Lionel Hutz to bring an outrageous lawsuit against the millionaire.

  • Episode 9Itchy and Scratchy and Marge

    Marge becomes a crusader against cartoon violence after watching The Itchy and Scratchy Show.

  • Episode 8Bart the Daredevil

    After seeing a motorcycle daredevil at a monster truck show, Bart becomes a death-defying daredevil skateboarder.

  • Episode 7Bart vs. Thanksgiving

    On Thanksgiving, Bart gets into a fight with the family and runs away from home, before sharing a turkey dinner with a group of homeless people at a soup kitchen, and learning the true meaning of the holiday in the process.

  • Episode 6Dead Putting Society

    In an attempt to show up Ned Flanders, Homer pits Bart against Ned's son, Todd, in a miniature golf competition.

  • Episode 5Dancin' Homer

    Homer's heckling of the Springfield Isotopes baseball team during one of their games inadvertently leads to his appointment as the new team mascot.

  • Episode 4Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

    After the power plant experiences bad publicity and is threatened with closure, Mr. Burns decides to run for Governor in order to have power over the law.

  • Episode 3Treehouse of Horror

    The Simpsons move into a cursed house, then are abducted by aliens, before Homer is ensconced in a tale by Edgar Allen Poe.

  • Episode 2Simpson and Delilah

    Homer lies on a medical insurance form in order to obtain a miracle hair restoring drug.

  • Episode 1Bart Gets an F

    Mrs. Krabappel becomes fed up with Bart's lackadaisical approach to his studies. After he bluffs his way through a book report and fails a history exam, she gives him an ultimatum: shape up or repeat the fourth grade.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 13Some Enchanted Evening

    Homer and Marge enjoy a night out on the town. Meanwhile, at home, the kids deal with a diabolical babysitter.

  • Episode 12Krusty Gets Busted

    Homer witnesses a robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart, where the culprit is a man dressed like Bart's hero, Krusty the Clown. Does the children's television host have a sinister second life, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?

  • Episode 11The Crepes of Wrath

    After another of Bart's pranks at school, Principal Skinner suggests he participate in a student exchange program. However, he is sent to France and forced to work all hours in a vineyard, with little chance of escape.

  • Episode 10Homer's Night Out

    After a photograph of Homer canoodling with an exotic dancer is distributed throughout Springfield, he finds himself kicked out of the house by Marge.

  • Episode 9Life on the Fast Lane

    Marge contemplates an affair with a handsome bowling instructor.

  • Episode 8The Telltale Head

    Bart gets more than he bargained for when he saws the head off a statue of the town's founder.

  • Episode 7The Call of the Simpsons

    Jealous of Ned Flanders' new RV, Homer purchases one of his own, but the family's trip into the wilderness soon goes awry.

  • Episode 6Moaning Lisa

    A depressed Lisa's spirit is lifted when she meets a jazz-man, Bleeding Gums Murphy.

  • Episode 5Bart the General

    After being beaten up by Nelson Muntz one too many times, Bart turns to Grampa for help, and soon leads a rebellion against the school bully.

  • Episode 4There's No Disgrace Like Home

    After being embarrassed by the rest of the family at a company picnic, Homer becomes obsessed with improving their behavior towards each other.

  • Episode 3Homer's Odyssey

    While Bart's class is touring the power plant on a field trip, Homer crashes a cart into a radioactive pipe. In the aftermath, the plant is forced to shut down and Homer loses his job.

  • Episode 2Bart the Genius

    Bart ends up at a school for gifted children after cheating on an IQ test.

  • Episode 1Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

    Christmas seems doomed for the Simpson family when Homer receives no holiday bonus. Hoping to make extra money, he becomes a mall Santa Claus in an attempt to bring the family a happy holiday.