In 1993, the sentient teddy bear Ted lives with the family of his owner John Bennett, who wished him to life.

Alanna Ubach, Scott Grimes, Seth MacFarlane

    • Released
    • (2024)
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 7He's Gotta Have It

    As the end of the school year approaches, Ted plots to help John lose his virginity after John learns he is the last virgin in school.

  • Episode 6Loud Night

    Matty's unorthodox Christmas wish is granted, completely upending the Bennett family dynamic. A trip to church gets John and Ted wondering about Ted's miraculous origin.

  • Episode 5Desperately Seeking Susan

    Blaire convinces Matty and Susan to let Ted act as their marriage therapist. After the session, Ted, John and Blaire encourage Susan to pursue the career she abandoned long ago.

  • Episode 4Subways, Bicycles, and Automobiles

    Ted's plan to spend Halloween with John is thwarted when Blaire forces him to be her designated driver for the night. Susan tries to cheer John up by finding him a new friend.

  • Episode 3Ejectile Dysfunction

    Ted and John go to extraordinary lengths so that John can watch his first adult film. Matty and Susan's disappointing night out leads Susan to question their relationship.

  • Episode 2My Two Dads

    Ted and John's plan to exact revenge on the school bully inadvertently puts them in a parental role. Matty agrees to get a colonoscopy… on one condition.

  • Episode 1Just Say Yes

    Ted's attempt to get expelled from high school leads him to purchase drugs from an unlikely source.